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SCSA Offers All the CE Hours You Need—No Travel Costs Involved. SCSA is an Approved CE Provider by the IRS. Select the webinar of your choice.

Business Tax in Depth: 16 CPE hours available November 6 & 7 from 9am to 5pm. Cost is $410.
• Formation and operation of C corporations, LLC’s, and S corporations.
• In-depth coverage of corporate tax issues in 2023, plus a detailed analysis of which entity best fits each taxpayer and corporate formation issues.
• Guidance on the latest partnership changes, compliance and reporting issues. The C corporation chapter offers instruction on operating issues and penalty taxes, and the S corporation chapter examines formation, elections, terminations and basis, plus reasonable compensation and fringe benefits, built in gains and shareholder changes. Each of the sections is fully and continually updated to reflect legislative and IRS changes, complete with dozens of examples.

Federal Tax Update—Business & Individual: 8 CPE hours available on November 8 from 9am-5pm. Cost is $300.
• This course explains all tax law changes occurring in the last year including the inflation reduction act and changes to the employee retention credit and new Form 7203-6 hours of new tax law.
• Two hours devoted to reviewing and explaining compliance issues for retirement and estate tax.

1040 Tax in Depth: 16 CPE hours on November 20 & 21 OR on December 18 & 19 OR December 28 & 29 OR January 8-9 OR January 11 & 12 from 9am-5pm. Cost is $410.
• The 1040 Manual has over 50 pages of new laws and court cases including the Secure Act 2.0, clarification of 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act; the Corporate Transparency Act; clear guidance on disaster losses as a result of the fires, floods and storms of 2023, new IRS crypto-currency guidance, new estate & gift rules and IRS opening attacks on the Employee Retention Credit frauds will require six hours on our part just to cover the new stuff.
• Session on tax planning for individuals to go with our “1040 hot topics” normal review.
• Newly updated engagement letter, fee schedules and new 1040 preparer and review checklists, interview forms and 1040 check sheets.
• The 1040 PDF version of the manual is your 1,000 page electronic desktop reference guide for a Fingertip tax guide.
• Includes free 2 hour Ethics Self-Study (OnDemand)–Follow the directions in your manual on how to redeem this free course.

1040 Tax in Depth: 16 CPE hours spread out over eight (8) nights December 18-21 and 26-29 from 6-8 pm. Cost is $500.

Payroll Year End: 2 CPE hours on December 11 from 11am-1pm. Cost is $135
• Review employer requirements for hiring, record keeping, and posted information.
• Move to employee payroll forms (including the I-9).
• Wage discussions, 941 and 940 deposit and completion requirements.
• W-2 preparation issues.
• 1099 preparation and compliance issues.

From Trial Balance to Tax Return-A Boot Camp for Business Returns: 16 CPE hours on January 11 & 12 from 10am-6pm. Cost is $500.
• Learn how to take a completed trial balance, determine missing items and additional basic needs to prepare Form 1120, 1120S or 1065.
• Addresses adjusting entries, book-to-tax adjustments and taxable versus non-taxable items and how to enter the information on the tax forms, while illustrating completed forms and individual specific requirements of each filing format.
• Explains flow-through item concepts, basis and capital accounts.
• At the conclusion, the student will be able to complete a basic business tax return for a corporation or flow through entity