2017 Seminar Schedule:

All seminars are conveniently scheduled at
the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center,
1101 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC 29201

SSARS Update, Compilation (6 CPE) plus Ethics for Accountants, Enrolled Agents and Tax Preparers (2 CPE)

Wednesday, October 4   REGISTER ONLINE HERE
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Presented by Mark Hobbs

(Ethics Hours adhere to SC Board of Accountancy requirement and will include SC Statute and Regulations)

  • Review of SSARS standards
  • Peer review in South Carolina
  • Common findings from South Carolina Peer Review Program
  • Common disclosure errors
  • Running a compliant practice

Estate Planning & Trust Administration (8 CPE)

Presented by Travis A. Greaves, JD, LLM & T. Joshua Wu, JD, LLM

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  • Quick overview of the basics of estate planning, including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney
  • Advanced estate planning techniques to include various tax implications involving trusts and estates, including a review of the estate tax, gift tax, and generation skipping tax
  • Fiduciary accounting and 1041 deductions
  • Tax treatment of beneficiaries
  • Acting as executor of an estate or trustee of a trust
  • Disposing assets to resolving disputes between beneficiaries
  • Two hours of ethics for accountants, enrolled agents

Corporations & Partnerships (8 CPE)

Presented by Travis A. Greaves, JD, LLM & T. Joshua Wu, JD, LLM

Tuesday, October 24 REGISTER ONLINE HERE
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  • C Corporations: Tax depreciation and amortization
  • Advantages and disadvantages of C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), general partnerships, and limited partnerships (including family limited partnerships)
  • Important issues, planning opportunities, and techniques essential to providing service to all business clients.
  • Incorporation planning and the Section 83 election
  • Small business stock incentives; corporate liquidation/ dissolution rules
  • C Corporations: AMT; shareholders and constructive dividends; Schedule M-3; avoiding the 35% penalty tax rate for PSCs

Individual Income Tax (16 CPE)

Presented by Rick Oelerich and Gary Steinberg

Monday & Tuesday, November 13-14 REGISTER ONLINE HERE
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This comprehensive course covers key tax issues for completing complicated individual returns. All topics include coverage of new legislation, revenue rulings and procedures, as well as case law to help the busy practitioner keep current. Topics include new tax rates for higher income taxpayers, return of the phase-out of itemized deductions and exemptions, new Medicare taxes and health care insurance penalties, updated Form 1099 information, good news on AMT and transfer taxes and much more.

  • Extenders and other incentives to stimulate the economy
  • Revised education credits and benefits
  • Net Operating Loss deduction rules and revisions
  • Reporting fraud losses and repayment of fraudulent gains
  • Income and exclusions from cancellation of debt
  • Changes in principle residence rules and new home credits
  • Evaluating conversions to a ROTH

Mission Statement

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  • The Society is organized for the purpose of elevating and maintaining among its members a high standard of proficiency and integrity, to promote and to protect the interests of accountants in practice; to cultivate a spirit of professional cooperation among its members; to promote local societies of accountants into groups to be called Chapters; to create various sections that focus on different aspects of accounting to allow members to market their specific qualifications, and to establish good will and understanding between the general public and the accounting profession.
  • Acting through its Board of Directors, President and other Officers, subject to the powers and restrictions of the Constitution and Bylaws, to do such acts as are necessary or convenient to the attainment of the objects and purposes herein set forth, and to the same extent and fully as any natural personal might or could do.
  • To have offices and promote and carry on its objects and purposes within or without the State of South Carolina.

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